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The Obtainer

Wednesday,August 3rd Edition

Josh Peskowitz
Josh Peskowitz
Leon Hedgepeth

Our guest this morning has an extensive resume in fashion and you’ve definitely seen him on Tumblrs or any other “inspirational” outfit moodboards. He’s done everything in the fashion industry, but I’ll let him tell you the rest.

- Leon Hedgepeth, Shopping Editor ⋯ @leonhedgepeth


Josh Peskowitz, Ultimate Menswear Insider

Josh Peskowitz

Whenever you Google Josh Peskowitz, you see a lot of street-style photos of him snapped all over the world, in luxurious overcoats, bold prints and perfect relaxed-fitting tailoring. It's clear this is a guy who's comfortable taking risks. But it's more than just his sense of style. He's often a few steps ahead of the rest of us—championing emerging brands or co-founding a shop that was distinctly for the “fashion heads”. He has an extensive and enviable career in the fashion space as a fashion director and editor for everyone from Bloomingdale's, and Moda Operandi to Esquire. Now he's putting all that know-how to good use by guiding brands to bigger and better things with The Untitled Group. The man they call Pesko has seen it all, worn it all, and has collaborated with some of the best designers out there. We had to know where he's been shopping, what brands he's watching and what he refuses to spend money on.

Josh Peskowitz
Josh Peskowitz

Describe your style in five words or less.

Does it make me smile?

What are you shopping for at the moment?

Some new sunglasses from Garrett Leight. And a pair of Ram island shorts from Manresa, that's about all I need right now.

Manresa Ram Island Short

The Ram Island short, $105 by Manresa

You’ve worked in editorial and in retail. How’d that experience lead to what you're doing with Untitled Group?

My career has been a succession of new experiences that have occupied the same realm, but I've never done the same job twice. I've often joked that I've never taken a job that I knew how to do. All my experiences from building window displays to reviewing runway shows to developing e-commerce websites help me understand the challenges and opportunities fashion and luxury businesses have now.

Can you give us a little more insight on what the company does?

Untitled Group is an investment firm focused on the luxury, fashion and wellness sectors. The idea is to partner with innovative companies, founders and creative teams to help them take their companies to the next level of success.

Sannino Napoli

Do you remember the first coat that started the #coatchronicles?

Damn, I don't. There's just been too many. But please note that I'd been trying on coats for a long time before I photographed one—like approaching decades. So much so that I am now designing them with Sannino Napoli.

What’s one item that every man needs in his closet?

I guess it would be pretty out-of-character if I didn't say a trench coat, right?

What’s one item that you cannot part with?

I have a plaid short-sleeve button-front shirt from Stüssy from 1997. When I bought it, I realized those T-shirt companies could grow into something else, and so could I.

Three brands you’re watching right now.

4SDesigns, 45R (forever) and Stoffa.

Do you tend to shop more online or in person?

In person, whenever I can. I like seeing how they are merchandised, what the displays look like and who is wearing what. I guess I just like being in stores—that's why it's my job.

Do you ever buy things in multiples?

Double knee pants from 18 East. They are light and came in some nice bright colors this spring.

What city has the best shopping?

Tokyo has the best shopping of any city. There are so many brands you will never see outside of Japan that have a huge presence there. Some of the best; most inventive merchandising and store builds can be found down a random alley. I buy everything I can in Tokyo. Just not shoes which, sadly, rarely go up to my size. I try to buy things when I travel that remind me of that place—and that you can't get anywhere else.

18 East Studio Double Knee Pant

Studio double knee pant, $155 by 18 East

Necessary extravagance?

I do almost everything more extravagantly than I should. But I rarely skimp on food or wine.

What is something you refuse to spend a lot for?

Beer. I'll take a Miller High Life or a Presidenté over anything.

Which do you experience more: buyer’s remorse or regret for not buying something?

Neither really. Well ... except for this one vintage Rolex I tried on in Paris a while back. I really should have done it.

45R 45 Year Tale Sorahikohime Jean

45 Year Tale Sorahikohime jean, $522 by 45R

What was the last item you bought and really loved?

My wife just got me the 45R 45th anniversary jeans for my birthday. They are bangers.

Do you have a shopping hack you can let everyone know about?

I've found it hard to get T-shirts right. I like the ones from Standard Issue, but the best for me right now is made by the Hong Kong-based Workware. When the thick pocket tees go on sale, stock up and thank me later.

Drops to Watch For

Tom Sachs x NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe

Following a sold-out release, Tom Sachs just revealed that his NikeCraft “General Purpose Shoe” collaboration will be re-released this week (so be ready).The sneaker debuted in a light cream colorway with a low-cut mesh and suede overlay upper featuring bright blue pull tabs, debossed handwriting on the heel and printed insoles. The shoe is elevated by soft gum rubber midsoles and contrasting waffle tread black rubber outsoles.Reasonably priced at $110, the Tom Sachs x NikeCraft “General Purpose Shoe” will no doubt sell-out again, so move fast.

Friday, August 5th

Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.

Lady White Co. Pique Workshirt

A sturdy short-sleeve workshirt that looks great on its own or over a fresh white tee.

$180 / $144by Lady White Co.

Stan Ray Painter Short

A shorts version of a classic painter pant in a eye-catching color. Sport this with a long-sleeve top for an ideal summer evening contrast.

$89 / $54by Stan Ray

Nigel Cabourn Pleated Chino

Not a fan of shorts? This cotton and linen pleated chino looks great with canvas sneakers or clean leather lace-ups.

$174 / $86by Nigel Cabourn

Universal Works Field Jacket

A relaxed-fitting workers' style jacket that will be the subtle standout layer you've been looking for.

$271 / $195by Universal Works

General Admission Military Cargo Pant

Olive green cargos in a straight-fit that are currently half-off. Need I say more?

$160 / $80by General Admission

Wear this as an overshirt for now or save it for fall and put it underneath a denim jacket.

$105 / $53by Carhartt WIP

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