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The Obtainer

Friday,July 22nd Edition

Price tag
Price tag
Leon Hedgepeth

Just because it doesn’t cost much does not mean it’s cheap, okay? Also, scroll down for a visit to one of our favorite shops of the moment.

- Leon Hedgepeth, Shopping Editor ⋯ @leonhedgepeth

20 Under $20

20 Under $20

Sometimes you feel the need to buy something just to feel good, and I’m certainly guilty of it. But who said that in order to find something nice you have to break the bank? We’ve rounded up a few items that are budget approved and all under $20 bucks. These cost-conscious picks will have you smelling good and feeling good while keeping plenty of money in your pocket.

In Our Carts

Norse Projects Ebbe Slub Sock

Ebbe slub sock,$35 / $19 by Norse Projects

Abercrombie & Fitch Essential Tee

Essential tee,$19 / $9.50 by Abercrombie & Fitch

Room Service Smoke Ring Glass

Smoke ring glass,$14.50 by Room Service

Kinto Fog Bowl

Fog bowl,$15.25 / $8 by Kinto

Checking in With ...

Canoe Club

Canoe Club

One of my favorite shops right now is Boulder, Colorado-based retailer Canoe Club. They do a great job carrying core items and brands that are mainstays, but sprinkle in new and upcoming designers. They offer orSlow, Cottle, And Wander and Engineered Garments just to list a few. Besides their product selection, they do a great job with their video content and have a smart series called “Pick a Fit” where two store associates put together an outfit for the opposite person to wear. It’s not only an engaging way to see fits put together, but the videos show you how certain brands mesh well—they always help inform you on the important question, like, “Do I size up or down.”

We caught up with the crew to talk shop. I wanted to see what items are selling at the moment, why they’re influenced by Japanese style and what exciting trends we can look forward to for fall.

What items are you guys most excited about at the moment?

We just received a couple of exciting things at the shop. We got in a big restock of our Canoe Club candles and just added a new scent so we are all burning those down right now.

Canoe Club Candle No. 2

Candle No. 2, $35 by Canoe Club

There was a special release of Visvim’s Contrary Dept. last week, so we’re digging that, plus we still have the secondary shipment to look forward to in a few weeks. Additionally, we are just receiving our first Fall ’23 delivery from Engineered Garments this week and getting excited for the update and re-release of our super popular merch program next week.

You guys have collaborations with Visvim and orSlow—why is there such a huge Japanese style influence in the store?

A great deal of our influence comes from the American-casual aesthetic, so we have always been drawn to brands that have a traceable lineage in something classic. Japanese brands seem to embody this sentiment and can push boundaries while still honoring the details of the originals. I think that is why we find ourselves drawn to Japanese designers.

Lady White Co. x Canoe Club T-Shirt

Canoe Club T-shirt, $55 by Lady White Co.

What’s really been selling lately?

Kapital is our best-selling brand and is followed closely by our bread and butter, orSlow and Lady White Co. We have a great selection of orSlow denim styles that work into anyone’s closet no matter how you dress. Also tons of Lady White tees in a classic palette and several seasonal collaboration colors.

What have noticed customers wearing lately?

I mean, always Kapital for sure. We have a huge Kapital customer base both in-store and online, so we are always seeing folks putting great fits together, whether super chill or all-in crazy collection stuff. We also released a great collaboration with orSlow last season that was a French blue utility jacket and fatigue pants—that flew off the shelves. So many customers have turned this fit into a summer uniform, so it’s always awesome to see how customers are styling that kit.

Kapital Bandana Patchwork 1st Jacket

Bandana patchwork 1st jacket, $525 by Kapital

Fall is right around the corner. Any trends that you all are excited about on the horizon?

We saw a ton of inspiration being drawn from vintage sportswear, so great takes on old football tees, cricket and rugby jerseys, along with footwear using silhouettes from the ’60s and ’70s athletics. We’re also excited to see some more new brands emerging from other places like India and South Korea that we’ll begin to introduce this coming season.

Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.

Knickerbocker Safari Shirt

This elegant lightweight zip shirt can easily be worn poolside or out to dinner.

$180 / $120 by Knickerbocker

And Wander Reflective Webbing-Trimmed Checked Canvas Wallet

A sturdy and resilient wallet to take on all of your Saturday morning treks.

$80 / $56by And Wander

adidas Campus 80s sneakers

A classic that I'll always recommend. Especially now since it's on a sale.

$120 / $72by adidas

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You wonder why @officinegenerale is so successful? Because its founder is sooo chic!! Bravo Pierre!

You wonder why @officinegenerale is so successful? Because its founder is sooo chic!! Bravo Pierre!

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