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The Obtainer

June 7th Edition

Cory Ohlendorf

Looking back at what our readers couldn’t stop buying in May makes me realize that you guys have really good taste. But I think I knew that already.

- Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief ⋯ @coryohlendorf


What You Bought In May

Each month, there are a lot of products featured on Valet. From high-end splurges and luxurious investment pieces to more affordable, everyday items. Which ones were the most popular with you, the reader? We looked over the data and crunched the numbers. Herewith, the ten pieces our readers clicked on and bought the most over the past 31 days. Do any of these ring a bell?

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Hopsack Sport Coat

"Want a quality warm-weather blazer for less? This hopsack peak-lapel blazer is breathable and now marked down more than half off."

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Smart Buys

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$698 / $204 by Todd Snyder

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Spa Collection Towels

"They're fluffy and soft, made from long-staple Egyptian cotton with a soft hand and low-linting fibers (which means it not only feels luxurious, but also won't shed much)."

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It’s Time for New Bath Towels

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From $29 by Riley

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AirFly Pro

"His AirPods' new best friend ... on the plane, in the car or at the gym."

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The Unbeatable Father’s Day Gift List

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$55 by Twelve South

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Utilitarian Pant

"A great pair of lightweight fatigue pants, perfect for summertime, based on a vintage pair from the 1970s."

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Smart Buys

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$168 / $118 by Outerknown

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Making the Case for …

NATO Straps


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When the sun is sweltering during the warmest days of the year, we'll do about anything to shed weight and keep cool. And while we're losing layers, we're also adding a little more color to everything, right? So it only makes sense that we apply this logic to our timepieces, too.

Summer is the perfect season for the NATO strap—the quickest upgrade to loop in and out colors based on your mood. The lightweight strap has military roots and is characterized by a nylon construction that slides through a watch’s spring bars, with a smaller secondary strap looping around the back to create a stronghold on the timepiece.

True to its original specifications, most standard NATO straps today are still 20mm wide. Of course, the classics: khaki, gray and olive, are still appropriate for all seasons (and everyday wear) and a great place to start a collection. But, with an infinite number of colors and patterns, there's no reason to stop with just one, and there's plenty of cinematic inspiration to draw from.

They’re also one of the cheapest strap options out there and look good on virtually any kind of tool or sports watch. Plus, after enough wears when the sweat has built up, cleaning the strap is as simple as a quick hand wash and air dry, or tossing the strap into the washing machine—preferably with towels so the buckle doesn't snag on anything delicate. Here are a few we're considering at the moment.


Our Picks


olive strap,
$24 by
The Sydney Strap Co.


Supreme strap,
$28 by
Crown & Buckle


Sambolo strap,
$30 at
Hodinkee Shop

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Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.


These are like your favorite sweat shorts’ more sophisticated older brother. They’re casual, comfortable and now they’re on sale.

$78 / $59
by Lululemon


If you like the idea of luxury sunglasses, but shutter at the price, these are for you. Garret Leight’s legendary shades are now on sale at SSENSE.

$385 / $254 by
Garret Leight


A stylish, slightly cropped take on the classic oxford shirt, ideal for summertime and now marked down for 50% off.

$59 / $29.99 by
Standard Cloth


Want more?
See all 46 sales »

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