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The Obtainer

June 5th Edition

Cory Ohlendorf

The summer heat is no joke. And it’s why you want to keep your layers light and breathable. And one of the best base layers is a soft, reliable tank top. We found the best to buy (along with some deals you won’t want to miss).

- Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief ⋯ @coryohlendorf



Tank Tops

It’s time for tank tops. Suns out, guns out and all that. Of course, for most guys these simple white tanks will remain under our camp collars and knit shirts for most of the summer. They're the ideal lightweight layer to help you show off a little more chest or maybe a necklace or two. These tanks exude a cool, sexy confidence. But who makes the best option, when we're talking about the classic A-shirt variety?

You've no doubt heard them referred to by their domestic violence-influenced nickname—but that's been rebranded these days into the more palatable “wife pleasers” moniker. Officially, they're called A-shirts, thanks to Hanes, which rechristened the undergarment as the athletic shirt (or A-shirt) in the 1970s.

But you've got to find the one that works for you. When they're available everywhere—and we mean everywhere from drug stores and big box retailers to specialty shops—how do you decide which one's worth the money? We've tried on plenty recently. From the basic version sold in packs of six by Hanes to the version made from underwear legend Calvin Klein. Both were okay, but ultimately didn't make it to the top three you should consider, based on your personal style and budget.

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The Lightweight

+ All-cotton body with poly-stretch ribbed trim

+ Has a breathable, almost micro-pique texture

+ High neck that looks nice underneath shirts

+ Long enough to stay tucked into pants

$14.90 by MUJI


The Endurance

+ Cut from the brand's signature 18-Hour fabric, a mix of cotton and modal with 5% spandex

+ Higher cut arm holes

+ The form-fitting design holds it shape all day

+ Able to be tucked-in, but the body is not overly long

$28 by Mack Weldon


The Luxury

+ Cut from a long-staple cotton jersey with a silky handfeel

+ The smooth, non-ribbed body has a sophisticated look that can be worn on its own

+ The highest-cut arm holes

+ The sturdiness of the stitching is evident and holds up to countless wearing and washing

$50 by Sunspel

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This Handy
AirPods Adapter


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It’s hard to describe just how much I love my AirPods. I wear them all the time. I wear them everywhere. But until I got this adapter, there were times where my wireless earbuds were a little too smart for their own good. At the gym, when I wanted to hear the computer cycling training program or when I flew on international flights and wanted to watch the inflight entertainment.

The AirFly Pro is a simple adapter that allows you to use your beloved Bluetooth headphones anywhere that you’re stuck with a regular old headphone jack. Just plug the adapter into the jack, and the transmitter instantly pairs with your headphones. Recently, I’ve also discovered that it allows you to stream music from your phone to a car stereo via the AUX IN, so you don’t have to choose between blasting tunes or charging your battery. The overall versatility of this device makes it a valuable addition to my tech kit that I never leave home without.


AirFly Pro transmitter,
$54.95 by Twelve South

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Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.


Lightweight and breathable, these modal stretch boxer briefs from Calvin Klein are the ideal summer underwear. Grab them while the three-pack is on sale.

$64.50 / $38.69 by
Calvin Klein


These lightweight pants from Officine Générale are both dressed up and relaxed, with pleats and cuffs and an optional matching D-ring belt.

$380 / $228
(w/code EXTRA25)
by Officine Générale


This stylish walnut stand is an ergonomic boost for your posture and your desktop, bringing your monitor to eye level while giving you extra storage space below.

$160 / $128 by
Grove Made


With cutouts on the hems and drain holes on the back pocket, these retro corduroy shorts, complete with an elastic waistband, scream summer.

$69 / $51 by Howler Bros.


This streamlined pour-over set is made from premium borosilicate glass, with a permanent stainless steel filter and silicone, nonslip heat guard.

$19.51 / $15.99
by Bodum


Made with durable wind-proof fabric, a practical assortment of pockets, and water-repellent coating, these stylish ripstop shorts are ready for any adventure.

$180 / $135 by Goldwin


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