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The Obtainer

June 28th Edition

Cory Ohlendorf

Are you ready for a long holiday weekend? Me too. Bring on the hot dogs, cold drinks and plenty of discounts. To help you get a head start, we’ve pulled some of our favorite early deals.

- Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief ⋯ @coryohlendorf


The Best 4th of July Weekend Sales

Skip the crowds and take advantage of the deep discounts with these sales and discount codes.

Todd Snyder
Up to 40% off select styles

Montauk knit silk cotton polo, $328 / $219


Alex Mill
Up to 50% off select styles

Mercer linen blazer, $250


Extra 20% off refurbished items w/code SUMMER20

QuietComfort 45 headphones, $329 / $249


Up to 50% off selects styles

Tech dock short, $69.50 / $34.50


Up to 40% off select styles

Igloo x Parks Project Playmate cooler, $59.95 / $44.89


Up to 50% off selects styles

Metal indoor/outdoor cabinet, $149 / $119

Extra 40% off sale items

502 Taper fit jean, $98 / $38.39


Ralph Lauren
Up to 40% off select styles

Garment-dyed oxford shirt, $125 / $89.99


New Balance
Up to 25% off select styles

Garoé sneaker, $89.99 / $80.99

A Programming Note
Valet. will be on summer break next week, with normal publishing resuming on Monday, July 8. Enjoy your 4th.

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Making the Case for …

Cooling Summer Underwear
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Real talk: When it’s hot and humid outside, your underwear can get extremely uncomfortable. The only way to keep from overheating and having to deal with incredibly swampy conditions down there is to switch to underwear with climate control. Saxx was already a favorite with some Valet. staffers thanks to their signature “Ballpark Pouch”, which acts like a mess hammock for your balls and keeps them supported and separated. But now they’ve got a new “Cooling Cotton” collection that’s been engineered using a buttery-soft and breathable cotton-modal blend that keeps your undercarriage cool and dry thanks to it’s supreme moisture-wicking properties. Their research found that the boxer briefs actually boost your body’s natural cooling capacity by aiding in sweat evaporation while allowing for easy movement with not tugging or chafing. It’s going to be a cool, cool summer gents.


DropTemp cooling cotton,
$32 by Saxx

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