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The Obtainer

June 10th Edition

Cory Ohlendorf

How’s your sock drawer looking these days? Could it use a refresh? If so, we’ve got some solid (and striped) suggestions for you today.

- Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief ⋯ @coryohlendorf


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Superior Socks for Summer

The times are changing. It used to be that summer was about peeling your socks off. But these days, socks are enjoying their moment in the sun—literally. We're wearing them more and more. We now pull on a pair with our loafers, we slide a socked foot into sandals and want a pair that complements our sneakers.

And if you're looking to stay current, you should know that the kids have officially “canceled” ankle socks. They're for old people. So we're only talking about crew and calf-length styles today. The good news is that there's never been more options for you. So take advantage. You might think that socks are simply underwear—an afterthought, of sorts. But that's a mistake. A quality pair of socks is an insider flex. A quiet, but impactful way to finish off an outfit and make a statement. Pull on throwback striped styles for a sporty look, try some textural knits or experiment with different colors. That way, your sock drawer stays in peak condition and you can continually enjoy the psychological boost that comes with pulling on a fresh pair of socks. Trust me, little things like that can make a big difference. To help you out, we've pulled some of our favorites in a range of styles and price points from brands both big and small.

Our Picks

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Old school looks with a full micromesh top, compression arch band and targeted padding in the heel.

Varsity crew socks,
$39 (for 3-pack) by Nice Laundry


Available in 50+ colors, they hold up incredibly well for five bucks.

Colorful socks,
$4.90 by UNIQLO


With a soft, seamless toe and their signature honeycomb arch support system.

Solid calf socks,
$56 / $53.20 (for 4-pack) by Bombas


Leave it to the Japanese to re-engineer a sock to be more comfortable.

Right angle socks,
$4.90 by MUJI


Wear these with sandals to show off the signature smiley face on the heel.

Intarsia-knit cotton socks,
$50 by KAPITAL

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Ask The Obtainer

I’ve got some summer trips planned and I need some earplugs for sleeping. What are the best ones (that don’t cost like $100)?

- Justin

There are plenty of disposable earplugs on the market, but these reusable silicone earplugs are really well-reviewed and are incredibly affordable. They get their name from the curved shape, which is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the curve of your ear. They fit and feel similar to your standard earbuds—they have a silicone ear tip (you can customize the shape) that sticks into the opening of the ear canal to block sound and an external piece that you can hold onto as you put them in and take them off. This design, which can be used at any time of day, is great for sleep because the external part of the earplug is flat, so you won't feel any pressure or discomfort while laying against your pillow. That external piece is also made from a soft, semi-flexible silicone material, so it won't feel overly stiff or hard against your ear, even if they're worn for hours at a time.

$19.95 / $15.95 by CURVD

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5 Stylish Items to Buy This Week

The best collaborations merge the best of both brands. And Noah's latest link up with Timex does just that. For the next watch ($198) in their partnership, Noah's Brendon Babenzien wanted to creat a watch with an old-school American preppy vibe. With a slim tank silhouette and a sophisticated croc-grain leather strap, it almost looks vintage. The dial has a crisp white face with Roman numerals and a rail track with gold-tone accents. The show-stopping complication is its moon phase indicator, which shifts from a smirking sun face to stars and a crescent-moon figure. Then you look closer and notice the Noah logo. It drops today, but we have a feeling it will sell out in no time.

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The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.

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Call them a Baggies dupe if you want, but these roomy nylon shorts look and feel a whole lot more expensive than they are.

$39 / $19.50
by Standard Cloth


First released in the ’70s, the original Q watch is updated for a new generation with quartz technology and a blacked-out look.

$189 / $141.74
by Timex


This versatile chore blazer is cut in premium Italian linen in a relaxed fit for an easy, breezy summer layer.

$498 / $288.50
by J.Crew


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Double-stepped Bezel

“Double-stepped Bezel”

A hallmark of Cartier watches from the 1970’s.



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