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Monday, March 4th Edition

Birch Lane ember wood mirror
Birch Lane Ember wood mirror
Cory Ohlendorf

If you like looking good (and I know that you do if you’re reading this), then you’ll appreciate a good mirror. But does your place need more mirrors? Probably.

- Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief ⋯ @coryohlendorf

Buying Guide

The Best Mirrors for a Bright, Stylish Home

Muuto Tinted mirror

Ask any interior designer worth their swatches, and they'll tell you that the quickest and easiest trick in their playbook is using mirrors to make a space look bigger. Whether hung up or simply leaning against the wall, a looking glass provides something of an optical illusion—giving depth to walls and making it look like there's infinitely more space. Of course, a mirror also bounces light, which helps visually open up a room and make it appear brighter with more natural light.Some mirrors are purely utilitarian—a small one standing guard in an entryway, to ensure you look your best before heading out. Others are positioned near your closet to help you put together and—let's be honest—snap a photo of that full-body fit pic. Some can purely be decorative, with elaborate and stylish frames or tinted glass. But like with so many pieces of furniture in your home, the very best mirrors expertly combine form and function.They serve as a kind of practical and dynamic piece of art. They add a little architecture and intrigue to an otherwise standard room. Here are some of the best options we've unearthed, from distressed and vintage-inspired styles (which add a mesmerizing effect to any reflection) and frames outfitted with shelving to an affordable oversized version to lean against a wall.

Our Picks


A taller, full-length mirror is essential in the home of any guy who's into looking good. Keep in mind, that the larger the mirror, the closer you can stand to it. Shorter ones still work, but you'll need more space between your body and the glass to see your whole self.

Georg mirror,$759 Skagerak


Let these work as another window in a room. Choose one that's roughly two-thirds the size of the piece of furniture that you're hanging it over for the ideal ratio (without overwhelming the piece).

Modern bronze mirror, $349 by West Elm


These work more like a piece of art that also pulls double duty as a reflective surface. Embrace the more out-there styles and let these make a statement in the room.

Asymmetrical mirror, $58 by TRAHOME

Ask The Obtainer

My outdated keychain finally gave out and I’m ready for something more stylish than a carabiner. Any suggestions?

- Alex

I agree. You need something more stylish (and ideally, more quiet) than a carabiner jingling from your belt loop. A simple leather style, like this from Italy’s Il Bisonte, is crafted from hardwearing cowhide and brass and is a subtle flex without being too showy. It also has a substantial shape and allows you to loop it onto a strap without being too big to stash in your pocket.

Other options include a braided leather style from Polo Ralph Lauren or an all-brass key ring from Schoolhouse. If you really want to tuck your keys away, this leather case from Bellroy is a sleek ringless option (and even has a loop for larger car key fobs) and securely closes via magnets.

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5 Stylish

How do you improve on a legendary pair of shoes? Usually, you add in some modern comfort. Which is exactly what G.H. Bass did with their signature Weejun loafers. Introducing the “Easy Weejuns” ($175): The same great classic styling, but now with a water-resistant, soft rubber outsole for unmatched comfort and versatility. The flexible outsole will certainly stand up better against the elements while the innovative internal polyurethane footbed provides the comfort of a running shoe, guaranteeing a light, cushioned step throughout the day.

Smart Buys
Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.

A relaxed blue blazer is never a bad option, especially when you can get a garment-dyed cotton option in a modern cut for less than $70. Take advantage of J.Crew’s sale to do just that.

$178 / $69.99(w/code EXTRA)at J.Crew

Right now, you can get up to 50% off on HAY furnishings. Which means something like this rugged and refined rebar and marble coffee table is even more affordable at the moment.

$695 / $417 atDesign Within Reach

Dermstore is currently hosting a “Refresh your skincare” sale, offering 20% off some of their best-sellers. So stock up your medicine cabinet with an employee-level discount.

$6 / $4.80(w/code REFRESH)at Dermstore

Worth a Read
Worth a Read

The three best stories from around the web.

Whether smoldering on the red carpet in a casually unbuttoned tux or doing a bodega run in a dog-eared Mets cap and jeans, [Jeremy] White looks notably stylish—and, crucially, like he got dressed without breaking a sweat.”


The Wall Street Journal

There’s this stereotypical idea of comfort where, for example, you see big puffy things, and in your brain, you think it must be comfortable, but it’s not always like that—you just need the support in the right places.”



Nearly everything is done by hand and the quality of stitching is so fine you can struggle to see it without a magnifying glass.”


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