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The Obtainer
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Wednesday, January 31st Edition

Leon Hedgepeth

I'm happy we've moved away from the GORP-Y tagline. Reliable pieces like timeless fleeces effortlessly transcend trends and feel like a warm hug the moment you throw one on. We've tapped a U.K.-based brand to show how we're embracing this winter essential in our current style.

- Leon Hedgepeth, Market Editor ⋯ @leonhedgepeth

3 Ways to Wear a Fleece

Finisterre fleece jacket

How many fleeces are too many, you ask? I might not be the ideal source on that matter, as my collection boasts well over a dozen. But each is earning its keep during this season of frosty temperatures. Their versatility is unparalleled, providing a level of coziness akin to that first sip of morning coffee—warm, comforting, and utterly refreshing. Few garments manage to straddle the intersection of comfort and style, yet the fleece does so effortlessly.Predominantly made from smooth synthetic fabrics that emulate the luxurious warmth of wool—fleeces are ideal companions on chilly days. Whether embarking on a thrilling ski vacation or simply seeking a chic layering option, fleece jackets offer a lightweight yet insulating solution.Amidst several styles, colors and designs, we've singled out a fleece that's sure to see you through the winter (and even into spring) in style. Finisterre's is crafted from recycled wool, a seasoned outdoor staple guaranteeing to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the unforgiving cold. Now let's explore three distinct ways to curate a fashion-forward ensemble around this ruggedly durable jacket.

3 Ways to Wear

Fireplace outfit

By the Fireplace

There are no rules to where you can wear your fleece, and cozied up next to a fireplace is one of the best places. Throw your wool fleece over a comfy tee with fleece-lined sweatpants for the ultimate cozy vibe. Remember, even at home, your style shouldn't overlook footwear. Slip into these luxurious and warm mocha suede slippers, adding a touch of sophistication that perfectly complements your entire fit.

Hegen wool fleece, $230 by FinisterreGarment-dyed allday crewneck tee, $35 by MadewellSuede slipper, $175 by LenysWaffle crew socks, $32 by RoToTo14oz. heavy-fleece pant, $67 by Los Angeles Apparel

Ski outfit

On the Slopes

Proper insulation is essential for a successful trip up the mountain. Pair your fleece with a waffle-knit thermal and a hefty weather-resistant jacket. Fleeces are quick-drying and moisture-wicking, making them ideal for skiing or snowboarding. Some quilted pants will keep your legs toasty, and the slip-on boots transition well from the mountain to the local coffee shop.

Hegen wool fleece, $230 by FinisterreLong-sleeve thermal, $29.90 by UNIQLOMerino wool and hemp beanie, $38 by JungmavenRollercoaster jacket, $700 by Houdini SportswearBower-sev boot, $330 by SUICOKEMountain down pant, $165 by Taoin

Dinner outfit

Out to Dinner

As you prepare for dinner, opt for the cozy fleece as a perfect mid-layer choice. Considering that restaurants can sometimes be a bit chilly, an additional layer guarantees optimal warmth. Since the fit is cream-toned, break it up with a washed-down denim shirt. It all comes together with a classic car coat and some slush stomping boots.

Hegen wool fleece, $230 by FinisterreDenim shirt, $198 by Billy ReidFRXC002 chronograph, $300 by Naval Watch CompanyCarpenter pant, $155 by 18 EastWork boot, $410 by Stüssy x Our Legacy Workshop3-in-1 car coat, $350 / $220 by Alpha Industries

Smart Buys
Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.

Beams Plus Stand collar boa fleece vest

This vest is made of a wool blend fleece with a high neck collar that serves as a formidable barrier against the biting wind.

$235 / $153by Beams Plus

FrizmWORKS Backsatin combat pant

These combat pants are crafted from a durable cotton with a luxurious, slubby texture. Featuring generously sized angled cargo pockets, they offer functionality and style.

$235 / $164.50by FrizmWORKS

Original Madras Trading Company Popover button-down shirt

This shirt showcases detailed handweaving using a heavyweight winter Madras fabric with a contemporary appeal enhanced by the soft brushed finish and convenient popover style.

Kreafunk Acoustic wireless speaker

Kreafunk's Bluetooth speaker has a sleek design that seamlessly blends into any space, thanks to its circular shape—offering the convenience of wireless charging through wiCHARGE technology.

$160 / $128by Kreafunk

Salmon Advanced Odyssey elmt low

These Salomons are made from premium materials, including a cushioned midsole and patented Advanced Chassis outsole to offer exceptional stability and comfort.

$210 / $126 bySalmon Advanced

J.Crew Heavyweight cashmere cable-knit V-neck sweater

J.Crew's cable-knit sweater showcases a timeless design with a deep V-neck, evoking the classic charm of Ivy-League campuses from bygone eras.

$229.99 / $114.99(w/code SHOPNOW)by J.Crew

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Worth a Read

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Over the past 15 years, @avibrosh has opened 19 hotels under the @palisociety brand, with another four set to open in the coming months. Each one is distinct in its aesthetic and ambience, veering from motel-style rooms that look out onto open-air pools to more homely, expansive spaces intended for longer stays. But they are united by their aim: to offer an elevated experience for an urbane, discerning clientele, without the eye-watering bill of his competitors – by trimming the service proposition to a more casual, down-to-earth approach.

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