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The Obtainer
The Obtainer

Wednesday, November 22nd Edition

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Cory Ohlendorf

Ready or not, here comes the “holiday season,” kicking off with Thanksgiving tomorrow. We’ll be your source for all the best deals, sending you a rundown of the most important sales, but first, our Holiday Survival Guide has some suggestions for making gatherings a whole lot more fun.

- Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief ⋯ @coryohlendorf

Holiday Survival Guide

The Best Way to Kill Time

Gentlemans Hardware Sports Trivia Cards

There are plenty of reasons why the holidays are a great time. But they're not without their low moments and awkward conversations. Depending on how you celebrate—with family or friends—the days during holiday breaks can be refreshing and fun-filled or feel like some of the longest days of the year. And there's only so many nostalgic movies a person can watch, right? And don't even try to start talking about current events.That's why we need games. Whether you're hosting or simply a guest, they instantly shift the atmosphere of any gathering and get people involved in what's going on in front of them. They not only help pass the time, but they shoot down any awkward and unpleasant conversations and move the topic to the game at hand. Engaging your loved ones in some friendly competition will get the whole group's adrenaline pumping, bring in the laughter and keep any tension or holiday blues at bay. Plus, without sounding too much like a cheesy TV special, they help make treasured memories with the old people and young kids we don't see enough of throughout the rest of the year.What game you choose is entirely up to you and your crew. There are modern takes on the classic, simple card games or even low-key puzzles. But we'd suggesting bringing your own to any gathering and having the bravery to challenge your group to a game. Some might hesitate at first, but everyone's always happy to have played once you get going.

WS Game Co. Scrabble Deluxe Edition

This heirloom-quality take on the classic Scrabble board game is 25% larger to kick your wordplay up a notch and features a rotating board and raised tile grid for effortless play.

$140 by WS Game Co.

Hasbro Wordle The Party Game

Inspired by the digital game we all got addicted to during the pandemic, Wordle: The Party Game features the same gameplay fans love, but players compete in real life to solve the five-letter puzzle.

$18.59 by Hasbro

Blue Star Press Millennial Loteria Game

The traditional Mexican game (similar to bingo) was reinvented with a millennial twist. Prepare to laugh.

$19.99 by Blue Star Press

Workshoppe Citylife Jigsaw Puzzle

If your group isn't into “games,” then a puzzle can be a good way to get people interacting without actively playing. These three will keep everyone occupied (including kids of all ages) while maintaining a low-key vibe.

$30 by Workshoppe


Health Is the Ultimate Gift

InsideTracker early Black Friday sale

If the best gifts are personal (and they usually are), there's nothing more personal than the gift of good health. Whether your loved one is kickstarting a new wellness journey or is already an accomplished athlete, InsideTracker is the most personalized way to achieve their goals. Founded by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data, science is the backbone of this ultra-personalized performance system. InsideTracker's custom nutrition and performance system provides the most detailed analysis of their biomarker data from blood, DNA, lifestyle, and fitness tracking. And we scored you early access to their Black Friday sale, to get 30% off their most popular plans and 50% off bundles.

This popular and comprehensive plan offers a complete and holistic health analysis covering everything from athletic performance to longevity.

This combines two of the most personalized plans into a package that will forever change the way you look at your healthspan.

This full-year plan provides you with a truly comprehensive approach to optimizing your health.

Smart Buys
Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.

Taylor Stitch Carson jacket

Taylor Stitch: Up to 50% off select items

Carson jacket$248 / $198.40

Miansai Sterling silver bracelet

Miansai: 20% off sitewide w/code BLACK2023

Sterling silver bracelet$155 / $124 

Ooni Karu wood and charcoal-fired portable pizza oven

Bespoke Post: Up to 50% off select items

Ooni Karu pizza oven$299 / $239

Neighbor Rook fire table

Neighbor: 20% off sitewide w/code HOLIDAY2023

Rook fire table$4,240 / $3,392

Herman Miller Nelson cigar lotus floor lamp

Herman Miller: 25% off sitewide

Filson Medium tin cloth duffle bag

Filson: Up to 30% off select items

Medium tin cloth duffle bag, $295 / $206.50 

Worth a Read
Worth a Read

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Late last year, the Grammy winner and men’s creative director of Louis Vuitton added to his already jammed schedule by opening Joopiter, his very own auction house. ”


The Wall Street Journal
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@wythenewyork and @huckberry are two brands that I’ve shopped at, worn, and loved for years.

@wythenewyork and @huckberry are two brands that I’ve shopped at, worn, and loved for years. So when they told me they were releasing a leather jacket together and asked me to get involved, I gave an immediate, “Hell yes.” And as it turns out (unsurprisingly), it just so happens to be the most beautiful piece of leather clothing I’ve ever owned.

October 19