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The Obtainer
The Obtainer

Friday, November 10th Edition

20 under $20
20 under $20
Cory Ohlendorf

I don’t remember when we started the ’20 Under $20’ series, but I know it’s been over seven years and while there are now countless imitators, it remains one of my favorite round-ups and still gets lots of clicks. Also below (to keep within the affordable theme), I try to pull together a moneyed look on the cheap.

- Cory Ohlendorf, Editor in Chief ⋯ @coryohlendorf

20 Under $20

20 under $20

You may have the retail itch in your wallet, and we’re here to help scratch that. I've been told I'm a bad influence whenever it comes to retail therapy, but we all need a treat sometimes, right? But who said that to find something nice you have to spend a lot? We've rounded up a few items that are budget approved and all under 20 bucks. These cost-conscious picks will have you smelling good and feeling good while keeping plenty of money in your pocket.

Our picks

Gap Pocket T-shirt

Pocket T-shirt,$29.95 / $14.97 by Gap

Urban Outfitters Crossbody pouch

Crossbody pouch,$35 / $14.95 by Urban Outfitters

Penco Pocket metric tape measure

Pocket metric tape measure,$15 by Penco

Hardworking Gentleman Natural deodorant

Natural deodorant,$16 by Hardworking Gentleman

Toast English beeswax dinner candles

English beeswax dinner candles,$19 (for set of two) by Toast

UO Short-roll beanie

Short-roll beanie, $19 by UO

Get the Look

Seth Rogen’s California Winter Look

Seth Rogen

MR PORTER’s Journal just sat down with actor/comedian/lifestyle entrepreneur Seth Rogen to talk about the evolution of his chic stoner brand, Houseplant. “From statement vases to beautifully designed oil lamps, from the functional to the eclectic, Houseplant is much more than cool ashtrays. It’s a bona fide homeware brand with some serious design credentials.” They also shot him for a fashion editorial, lounging around a sunny California mid-century home and he looks downright dapper—refined and ready for a good time, but definitely relaxed. Of course, this being MR PORTER, the clothes aren’t cheap. From the Barena overcoat to the Gucci sweater, the whole fit would run you the cost of a very reasonably priced used car. I wondered if I could pull together an equally stylish look for a 10th of the price. And I think I did it.

Seth Rogen's California look

Polo sweater, $70 / $49 by AbercrombieItalian wool overcoat, $599 by Suitsupply874 work pant, $69 / $49 by Dickies

Smart Buys
Smart Buys

The sales and discounts our team is currently watching.

Body of Work Studio sweatshirt

The Studio Sweatshirt is crafted from a custom heavy-weight, three-end French terry fabric. The material ensures durability and a soft hand feel, combining the warmth and coziness of terry cloth with a luxurious touch.

$150 / $45 byBody of Work

Material Round bowl

The round bowl is a unique and artisanal product—designed for people who appreciate handcrafted ceramics. It's constructed from natural Korean soils and finished by hand, adding a touch of authenticity and individuality to each piece.

$45 / $38by Material

Manaaki Timi denim shirt

This shirt from Manaaki is made from denim and has a boxy fit. It also features layered chest pockets for a distinctive and stylish design element.

$325 / $130by Manaaki

Worth a Read
Worth a Read

The three best stories from around the web.

His signature is ‘Watch Spotting,’ as he labels his videos of people on the streets of Manhattan talking about their watches.”


The New York Times

The conversion extended the chassis by some 40 inches and the roof was raised by eight inches and equipped with a laminated sunroof. The alterations are major, of course, but also look surprisingly natural.”


Robb Report

I wasn’t a businessman, I wasn’t a designer, but I knew there was room in the world for a brand like Finisterre.”


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A book that Chris Black wrote in 2015 is making the rounds on TikTok, thanks to a British influencer.

A book that Chris Black wrote in 2015 is making the rounds on TikTok, thanks to a British influencer. I Know You Think You Know It All was originally geared towards the guy who’s easily swayed, not quite discerning, and delusional about his own impact.

October 13